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Saudi Arabia is open to 49 countries tourist visa for the first time included China

Date: 2019-09-28

On September 27, Saudi Arabia to 49 countries formally open tourist visa, including China, visa fee for 440 Saudi riyal (about 836 yuan).Visitors need to prepare a cover within the territory of Saudi medical insurance and provide a address in Saudi Arabia for hotels (not only).

Visitors can apply for landing sign after landing at the airport, or through the web site for electronic signature.Among them, the electronic sign for one year multiple entry, can allow tourists stay for 90 days at most.

According to the sun newspaper reports, tourists will be able to explore the quicksand of the red sea beach, the open area and amazing archaeological site.Saudi Arabia to issue a tourist visa for the first time, it is "by 2030, more than 100 million visitors" part of a grand plan.

Until now, the annual Muslim pilgrimage to mecca only through a business visa to enter Saudi Arabia, but the new visa will allow anyone to understand a mysterious country.

According to the report, visitors will be asked, dressed in a plain, loose clothing, and avoid any clothing with dirty words or gestures.Men can't wear shorts or vest, women have to cover the shoulders, wearing knee-length skirts.

In Saudi Arabia, sale, purchase or consumption of alcohol is illegal, bring any alcohol or drugs into the country is illegal.

In deciding to accept visitors, Saudi Arabia is trying to reduce our dependence on oil, because oil is the main economic driver.The ambitious plans to make Saudi Arabia airport passenger Numbers increase each year of 150 million, and 500000 new hotel rooms.

Local tourism association, said a spokesman for the "Saudi Arabia may seem an unusual holiday destination, 30 years ago, but you will say the same for other destinations in the Middle East."

Saudi Arabia tourism officials said, "for our country, this will be a historic moment."