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Hennessy Parade King Jubilee Charm Night

Date: 2021-01-05

On June 29, 2020, the banquet hall on the 5th floor of Hennessy Yulai Charming Holiday Hotel hosted a Hennessy Paradise Royal Jubilee Tasting Dinner for the guests present, and they were able to appreciate the selection art of Hennessy together with the guests. An ingenious work that takes ten out of a million.

During the feast, the fine wines, delicacies, and moving music filled every space on the scene and ignited the enthusiasm of the guests again and again!

The chef who came to Charming Holiday Hotel carefully designed the dishes for this selection dinner. The ingredients are extensive, the ingredients are exquisite, and the cooking skills are simple and diverse; the focus is on preserving the freshness of the ingredients themselves, but not light, fresh but not vulgar, tender but not raw, oily but not greasy. The presentation style is also very particular.

The precision of choosing ten out of a million, the most beautiful journey. Paradise is actually a transliteration of French "Paradis", meaning "paradise". In France, people always call the wine cellar that preserves the oldest and highest quality "water of life" Paradis, which is a paradise. The supreme cognac needs time infiltration, perseverance, patience, blending skills, peace of mind when you drink alone, and good manners when you are happy.

Hennessy Paramount Royal Jubilee Cognac is a sincere masterpiece of master blender Yann Fillioux (Yann Fillioux). It contains a breathtaking selection art. It is a special blender family for Hennessy-the Fairvo family collection for eight generations. The ingenuity made by the power of it.

In order to create Hennessy Paramount Royal Jubilee Cognac, the chief artist was deployed to fully display his extraordinary skills and talents. First, a rigorous selection of "water of life" was carried out: 10,000 kinds of "water of life" in each specific year "On average, only 10 can be selected for the blending of Hennessy Parade Royal Jubilee Cognac. Then, the master craftsman of the deployment has to decide the wonderful time to blend all kinds of "water of life" into Hennessy Park Royal Jubilee Cognac-only when the balance of fineness and strength is reached, is the peak of elegance that can not be met.

The dinner was started by tasting the precious water of life wine brought directly from the Hennessy Distillery. The process of tasting is undoubtedly an exploration of sensory sensitivity. The VIPs and Hennessy ambassadors tasted the rich, smooth and smooth water of life. Sweet and thick, rich taste layers flow between the lips and teeth.

The color is pure and clear, and the smell is very fresh and elegant. Can smell the fragrance of flowers blooming in spring and the fragrance of fruits. Elegant and delicate, very delicate, you can clearly feel its fragrance, but it has not yet reached its best condition and is relatively immature. It is foreseeable that after a period of aging, it will have the potential to deploy the Royal Jubilee.

This glass of "water of life" has been aged in ancient oak barrels for some time. In the aroma of flowers and fruits, there are some similarities with the A cup, but the difference is that it is more mature and absorbs more woody aroma. This "water of life" has reached the peak of elegance.

The entire dinner service was provided by the Charming Holiday Hotel, which perfectly matched the pure beauty of Hennessy Paradise Royal Jubilee Cognac.

The flexible stage, adjustable lighting system, advanced audio-visual equipment, high-definition LED large screen make the live banquet effect smoother and more perfect~

The professional team of chefs served exquisite dishes for the feast, tempting everyone's taste buds. Fresh ingredients, meticulous cooking, sincere moments of happiness, rich and classic cuisine, with fine wine to add flavor.