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Face the crisis and embrace the future

Date: 2021-01-05

In order to create a new development situation for the Longzhuda Group and to do a good job of operation with high quality and efficiency, and to ensure the steady development of the group's work under the influence of the global epidemic, on the morning of July 1, 2020, the Longzhuda Group July 2020 Strategic Management Conference is coming to Charming Holiday Held in the poolside hall on the 5th floor of the hotel. The participants were members of the board of directors of Longzhuda Group, general managers and deputy general managers of major business sections of the group, heads of various functional departments of the group, and core management teams. Mr. Lin Weijian, chairman of the group, came to the venue to give important instructions.

This meeting was hosted by Mr. Liu Zigang, assistant to the chairman of the group. The theme of the meeting deeply analyzed the current business problems of Longzhuda Group. The heads of each business section respectively summarized and reported on their respective tasks, and carried out deficiencies in the work. In-depth analysis and clear solutions were made, and the following work ideas and key tasks were reported.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Liu Zigang, assistant to the chairman of the group, summarized and analyzed the performance indicators of the major sections of the group last quarter, and commented on part of the group's work content and major projects, and deeply pointed out the current severe local market environment and part of the group's business. The challenge.

The chain impact of the epidemic has not yet ended. Long Zhuda Group is facing multiple challenges. Employment crisis, management crisis, and business crisis are the three major crises faced by the group's operations. The solution to the crisis is to achieve business revenue generation and efficient implementation of policies. The catch-up of performance requires all-round preparation of all members of the group and go all out to take the initiative to turn crises into opportunities.

Ms. Jiao Jie from the Human Resources Management Center showed everyone that the Group has formulated new assessment and management methods for employees under the new development situation, and provided detailed explanations on employee incentive policies, assessment instructions and management. The new assessment and management methods can fully and effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, and increase the company's revenue while reducing staff turnover.

Mr. Zhang Rundong, general manager of Lai Meimei Port City and Lai Meimei Mural Village, when analyzing the progress of various investment invitations, simply and directly pointed out the key problems, and proposed solutions, introduced the progress of the port city's investment promotion, and strived to ensure the completion of the opening tasks this year . Propose and continue to follow up on the rental plan of commercial shops in Meimei Mural Village.

Mr. Zeng Faqiu, general manager of Gongyun Lianhua Road branch of Lai Charming Women's World, and Mr. Tang Wenxing, general manager of Port Branch, respectively conducted a comparative analysis of the passenger flow, rental and sales of shops and other data after the epidemic. Summarize; provide negotiation suggestions for rent policy; finally made a key review of various contents that need to be focused on in July.